lProtect your home and property from the damage caused by termites. Drywood and subterranean termites are both native to San Francisco Bay Area and cause property damage. Mattoutman Termite control specializes in treatments for both types of termites. Have the expert from Mattoutman Termite control inspect and recommend the right treatment for you. Over twenty years of experience makes Mattoutman Termite control the right choice to treat your home and protect your investment. Our prices are fair and our service and attention to detail is unmatched. Call us today for an estimate. We specialize in marine termite treatments for all boats of any size. We have been servicing San Francisco Bay Area since 1995.

Drywood Termite Control – Fumigation Services

Drywood Termites are wood destroying pests that live inside dry wood. They can be found in all types of wood within a home or building, from roof rafters, doors and door jambs, furniture, studs within the walls and in plywood.

Drywood termites require very little moisture to sustain life. Unlike subterranean termites, which require an excess of moisture to survive, drywood termites can live nearly their entire lifecycle inside the dry wood within a structure and without coming in contact with the ground. Only during brief swarming flights do the young adults (alates) leave the confines of their colony’s galleries to spread to other areas of the structure to begin new colonies.

Typical signs of a drywood termite infestation are winged adults or “swarmers”, wings that have been shed, the galleries or hollow areas inside the dry wood, and the fecal pellets (frass) that has been pushed out of the gallery.

We offer:

Drywood Termite Treatments: Fumigation verses Localized Treatments
Drywood Termite Treatments: Whole-Structure Fumigation

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